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Our project cannot grow alone, we need your help, we are looking for a trained staff to write some of our posts and articles for the public. We offer a good salary and a schedule at the convenience of the worker. Right now, we’ll talk a little more about that. If you are looking for a job and videogames are your interest, join us to create content.

You will not get bored but you will enjoy if it is what you really like. We look for responsible and trained people in the field of technology to help us publish our most recent posts and also to help find information about new approaches to new games and trends about what is happening in the cybernetic world of videogames.

Normally people who apply to our work have plenty of time to devote to our work with a good salary, which helps them a lot to pay for their studies, books or any other personal need.

But do not worry if you do not have time, we offer having a part-time job to people who do not have time.

We have a table which tells us a specific amount of money by which we pay workers for the days they work and the hours they are working. In the case of part-time jobs, you could help as a computer assistant, which means helping an administrator find useful information for the post, and you will be paid for the hours you work.

We also offer work in the field of website security. You can check all the connected and disconnected users to investigate and eliminate any suspicion of a hacker or virus. You are able to deal with these threats, with a specialized antivirus we use to handle this type of situations.

The technology advances every day, and new devices always appear, whatever comes to mind. This website is a big responsibility, as it takes time and dedication to achieve the planned changes, and together with the right people, it can be achieved.

One of the most important things for us is to maintain an interface and a very clear topic of what this page is about.

Having an attractive interface, we manage to get more visits which is very beneficial for the public since it gives us the opportunity to make changes in the page to make it easier to handle, influential, and attractive in all its aspects always updating all kinds of events or posts that we do.